National Conservation Council

Manual of Policies and Procedures, 3 December 2014 2014
    1. The purpose of this manual is to act as an operational guide for the National Conservation Council. It specifies the internal procedures, rules and processes that the Council has established to govern its operation1. It includes guidance for Council members, Government entities and members of the public. It will be published on the National Conservation Law section of the Department of Environment website for public reference. It will be revised at various times as the Council’s Policies, Procedures and Directives evolve.
    2. The National Conservation Council may be contacted via the Department of Environment (,, Tel: 345-949-8469, Fax: 345-949-4020; PO. Box 10202, KY1-1002) or the Council email:


    1. The National Conservation Council is established under Section 3 of the National Conservation Law (NCL, the Law). It exists to exercise the powers and carry out the duties imposed on it by the Law. The Council’s function, generally, is to promote the conservation and sustainable use of Cayman’s natural resources and biological diversity. The main source of the Council’s functions, powers and duties may be found in Section 3 of the National Conservation Law. The Council’s composition is guided by Schedule 2 of the Law.
    2. This manual contains material that is in addition to, but does not replace, the Law itself. This manual is not a substitute for the Law itself. A copy of the National Conservation Law may be downloaded below.
         NCC Manual 3 Dec 2014