National Conservation Council – Members

The membership of the Council is established in Schedule 2 to the National Conservation Law, and consists of five statutory voting members, representing the Departments of Environment, Planning, and Agriculture, plus a voting member representing the National Trust for the Cayman Islands; and eight voting members appointed by the Cabinet, of which at least four must have relevant scientific or technical expertise. The Cabinet also appoints the Council’s Chair, who holds a casting vote only, and the Council appoints its non-voting Secretary.

Council members serve two year terms and are eligible for reappointment. The first Council was appointed in 2014 and all members were reappointed in 2016.


      Christine Rose-Smyth
    Statutory Government Appointees:

      Gina Ebanks-Petrie, Director of Environment
      Timothy Austin, Deputy Director of Research, Department of Environment
      Adrian Estwick, Director of Agriculture
      Colleen Stoetzel, on behalf of the Director of Planning
      Christina Pineda, Executive Director, National Trust for the Cayman Islands
    Cabinet Appointees:

      Patricia Bradley
      Frederic Burton
      McFarlane Conolly
      Davy Ebanks
      Lisa-Ann Hurlston
      Wallace Platts
      One vacancy is awaiting a new Cabinet appointment.

      John Bothwell