Public Disclosure

This website forms the Department of Environments e-publication scheme, developed in compliance with Section 5 of the FOI Law.

The disclosure log provides details of FOI requests that we feel may have a wider public interest.

Please note that this list does not itemize everything that has been released under FOI. Some responses consist of large numbers of documents that are not yet held in electronic format. Where practical, beyond email responses, the documents concerned have been scanned and made available to the applicant on disc. (Such information may be viewed at our offices by appointment.)

Following is a summary of original requests, it should be noted that in each case, the information was released. (The applicant’s name and other personal details are not included.).

Request Number: 10348
Request Details: “Any report which assesses how the Cayman Islands Marine Park Replenishment zones are working in the Cayman Islands?”
Request was granted.

Request Number: 20450
Request Details: “All emails and documents relating to the proposed expansion of the port. Time period: 2005 – present”
Request was subject to Administrative closure: the applicant was invites to narrow the scope of the request in order to assess if more specific information was required. No further communication was received from the applicant.

Request Number: 43096
Request Details: “Emerald Sound … all documents… and any other information relevant to the subject request.”

Request Number: 43161
Request Number: 43338
(Both the above requests also relate to Emerald Sound documents).

The above three requests were granted: some of the information had to be supplied on CD; some of the information was viewed, by appointment, at our offices.

Request Number: 43818
Request Details: …. “ Coastal Work Application for two navigation channels”….
Request was granted

Request Number: 45247
Request Details: “Captive Dolphins, import, export, display, operations – all documents”
Request was granted.

It can be seen that subjects which become ‘hot topics’ in the press, and which relate to potentially controversial land developments, generate public interest and therefore FOI requests.

To date, DOE has also received 5 requests which were sent to multiple Government Departments, Sections or Units. Where relevant to this department, summary information was provided to the requester in order to provide the information being sought. The subject matter of these type of requests is for details such as: ‘total number of paid consultants on contract’; ‘salary increments/adjustments given’; and ‘if any persons were paid ‘acting’ or ‘duty’ allowances’.

FOI Request Example:
The following request is one DoE received within the first 6 months of the FOI law coming into effect. The information requested is already available in the public domain in as much as the Marine Laws are published, and DOE prints information in the local telephone directory. In the spirit of providing information however, this request was answered under the terms of the FOI law. The full response (PDF), without personal information, is linked below:

Request Number: 24045
Request Details:
… “I would like to officially request…information… as it relates to the use of spearguns… and the rights of a citizen to actually own one. …. 1. Who can own a speargun? 2. What is he date of manufacture that would render a speargun legal? 3. How many spearguns can an individual own? 4. How many fish can one individual take in any given day? 5. When was the law tabled that banned spearguns being made on the island from being legal? 6. Has that law been gazetted?”….

Credit Card Statements

As part of the Cayman Islands Government’s ongoing commitment to information freedom we make available for download (PDF) the Department of Environment Credit Card Statements for Fiscal Year 2014-15.

FY2014-15 Aug-Oct

FY 2014-15 Nov.

FY 2014-15 Dec