Application forms for docks, launching ramps, bulkheads/seawalls, groynes, private and commercial moorings, underwater installations or dredge and fill activities can be obtained via the website or at the offices of the Department Environment (DOE) or Ministry of Financial Services, Commerce & Environment. Once completed, the forms, drawings and all requisite documents must be submitted to the Ministry of Financial Services, Commerce & Environment at the Government Administration Building. The Ministry will then forward the application to the Departments of Environment and Planning for agency review. The DOE normally submits its review to the Ministry within 3 weeks of receipt if all information has been supplied and no additional information is required. The Ministry will use the agency reviews to prepare a paper to Caucus and, subsequently, Cabinet who will then make a decision on the application. The Ministry informs the applicant via letter if the application has been approved or refused.

Applicants who receive approval will be required to sign a Coastal Works Permit at the Ministry, which is an approval document to conduct works in accordance with agreed conditions. Royalties, mitigation and any other fees levied for the works must be paid prior to commencement of works. Once a signed permit is in hand the applicant will be required to notify the DOE five working days prior to the start of construction in order to receive two Coastal Works Notices which must be displayed on site from the start of works until their completion. A copy of the permit and relevant drawings and operations plans must be kept on site for the duration of works. One of the coastal notices shall be returned to the DOE to signify completion of works.

There is no appeal process for a Cabinet decision on a coastal works application that is refused permission.

The ‘Guide to Submitting Applications for Coastal Works’ brochure provides details on the full coastal works permit application process. Also see the ‘Design and Construction Guidelines for Docks’ brochure for helpful advice when designing and applying for docks through the coastal works process.

Please visit the Brochures, Applications, Forms, Permits page to download forms.