The DoE has delegated authority (under section 3 (13) of the National Conservation Law) to screen proposed development activities to establish if an EIA is required. The DoE issues its Screening Opinion to the National Conservation Council (NCC) within 3 weeks of receiving a request for screening. The NCC then uses this Screening Opinion to determine whether an EIA is required. This provision within the Law came into effect on 15 August 2016. Outlined below are those proposals that have been screened by the DoE and reviewed by the NCC to date. Click on each project name to download its Screening Opinion.

Origintating Entity/Applicant Project Name / TypeDate issued to NCCDate NCC Considered at Public MeetingDOE RecommendationNCC Decision
Ministry PLAHIE-W Arterial Road10/12/201610/26/2016EIAEIA
Ministry PLAHIAirport Connector Road11/10/201611/30/2016No EIANo EIA
Ministry PLAHICentral Mangrove Wetland Arterial Road2/22/20173/22/2017EIAEIA
Ministry PLAHIHutland Road, E-W extension2/22/20173/22/2017EIAEIA
Ministry PLAHIHutland Road, S extension2/22/20173/22/2017EIAEIA
Cabinet - Crymble LandholdingsRemoval of beachrock, SMB Marine Park3/2/20173/22/2017EIAEIA
Ministry PLAHILittle Cayman Spine Road4/26/20175/3/2017EIAEIA
Ministry PLAHISpice Drive Road extension4/26/20175/3/2017No EIANo EIA
Central Planning Authority - Mr. M. BloomM. Bloom Quarry04/17/201806/27/2018No EIANo EIA
Central Planning Authority - Crymble LandholdingsProposed Events Site – Seven Mile Beach04/30/201806/27/2018No EIANo EIA