Terrestrial Protected Area Nominations

January 2017: online survey for public consultation

Public Consultation, 25th January to 2nd May, 2017

Under Section 9 of the National Conservation Law, contiguous landowners and the general public are invited to submit written views on the following Protected Area nominations, to the National Conservation Council.

The period for consultation will end on 2nd May 2017 after which the Council will take into account all written submissions before deciding whether to recommend the proposal to Cabinet, or to amend or withdraw it.

This is the first of two sets of nominations the Council expects to submit to public consultation this year.

Please note that submissions will be published as part of the consultation report.

Submissions should be made using the online survey, or on a form which is available to download and print. This will assist the Council in objectively assessing the level of public support or opposition for each proposal, as well as providing for comments in your own words.

Your feedback and comments will be included in the final report on consultation regarding the proposal you select below.

If you wish to comment on more than one of these nominations, please return to the Survey Link for each one.

We suggest you read the nomination(s) below before taking the survey.

   Survey Link

Grand Cayman Nominations

   Barkers, Grand Cayman
   Viday Cay, Grand Cayman
   Western Crown Mangrove Cays, Grand Cayman
   Salt Creek Mangroves, Grand Cayman
   Central Mangrove Wetland, Grand Cayman
   Lower Valley Forest, Grand Cayman

Little Cayman nominations

   Preston Bay Shrublands and Ponds, Little Cayman
   Booby Pond Nature Reserve, Little Cayman
   Tarpon Lake, Little Cayman
   North Coast Wetlands, Little Cayman
   Crown Wetland 82A/17, Little Cayman
   East Interior, Little Cayman

Cayman Brac nominations

Nominations for Cayman Brac will appear in the second set of nominations, later this year. This is because most of the Cayman Brac nominations involve privately owned land or complex Crown land situations, both of which require preliminary discussions before the Council can decide whether to advance them.

If you wish to comment on more than one of these nominations, please return to the Survey Link for each one.

If you prefer, you can download the General Comment Form and return it via mail or mail.
   General Comment Form

National Conservation Council
c/o Department of Environment, PO Box 10202,
Grand Cayman KY1-1002, Cayman Islands

The period for comment on this set of nominations will end on 2nd May, 2017