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About DOE

The Department of Environment (DoE), under the Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency (MSCR) is the main Government agency responsible for the management and conservation of the environment and natural resources of the Cayman Islands.

The DoE works to facilitate responsible management and sustainable use of the natural environment and resources of the Cayman Islands through various environmental protection and conservation programmes and strategies.

The DoE works with the Department of Environmental Health which is responsible for solid waste management, monitoring of air and water quality from a human health perspective, occupational safety, food safety etc., with the National Trust whose mission is to preserve natural environments and places of historic significance for present and future generations, and with a variety of other agencies.

Department of Environment

The Department of Environment (DOE) seeks to develop and support environmental citizenship by promoting awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Caymans natural environment. Together with other government agencies, non-profit organizations and the private sector the DOE has contributed to the structure, programmes, and funding of environmental education in the Cayman Islands. Of particular note is the Coral Gardens Teacher’s Guide. With the kind permission of Coral Forest, the teacher’s guide was adapted from the original Coral Forest manuscript. While much of the format and structure of the topics remain similar, the text and pictures have been significantly altered to more accurately reflect the local marine environment and related issues for the Cayman Islands. The Coral Garden’s Teacher’s Guide provides background information on the complexity of coral reefs and their surrounding environment, the threats that they are facing, and the possible solutions to these threats.

The DOE also houses a small, but extensive library of books, scientific papers, and other scientific literature. Members of the public are welcomed to view these materials during normal business hours.

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