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Boards and Committees

The Department of Environment (liases closely with) provides input to a variety of private and public sector Boards and Committees. In all cases the Department’s role is advisory. Much of the work of protecting Cayman’s environment is carried out in the background, with many groups wishing to ensure that their activities are conducted in as environmentally sensitive a way as possible. The Department serves as a valuable resource for these people and we are always happy to share our knowledge of environmental preservation with others.

Marine Conservation Board

The Marine Conservation Board are appointed by the Governor in Cabinet and have responsibility for

  1. The general administrators of the Marine Conservation Law;
  2. Control of fisheries officers appointed under the Law;
  3. Issuing licenses under the Law;
  4. Overseeing the collection of fees payable under the Law and the accounting therefor to the Treasury.

The Department of Environment provides advice and administrative services to the Marine Conservation board.

The Marine Conservation Board makes the following letters available for public reference.

   MCB Response to MCL Amendments

   Grouper Fishermen Reply 2011

   Spearfishing Association Reply 2007

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