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Visiting Scientist Program

The Department of Environment operates a programme of work to assist researchers from the local and international community. The DoE can facilitate scientific research through the provision of logistical support, local expertise and subsidized accommodation (in Grand Cayman and Little Cayman).

Permission to Conduct Scientific Research

In order to undertake biological research in the Cayman Islands, visiting researchers are required to complete a “Permission to Conduct Scientific Research” form. Applications are evaluated by a local technical committee on the basis of any potential negative impacts on species or habitats and on scientific value. The evaluation process usually takes two weeks, after which the application will be approved, approved with modifications, or denied (in which case an application may be changed and resubmitted).


The form requires the applicant to clearly outline their proposed work, in conjunction with committing to sharing all results or publications arising from the study with the people of the Cayman Islands (through DoE, Cayman Islands Government), in accordance with the information sharing provisions of the CBD.

  Application to conduct scientific study (PDF)

  Application to conduct scientific study (WORD)

Health and Safety waive

Visiting researchers and volunteers are required to complete a Health and Safety waiver before commencing fieldwork. This waiver includes (optional) sections where medical information and contact details can be provided in case of emergency.

DoE Health and Safety Waiver

Fieldwork guide:

If you are unfamiliar with field conditions in Cayman, the guide below may be useful.

Guidelines developed for volunteers participating in the Brac Iguana Survey, 2012.

   Download Safety Manual

DOE Cayman Islands

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