Once again we were out at Art@Governor’s talking to anyone who wanted to chat about coral reefs and anything else

Jackpot, the National Trust Blue Iguana, visits with Bradley Johnson at the DoE information booth.

environmental. Since it is an art expo and the section we’re in (NGOs & schools) attracts a lot of kids we always have something for them to do. This year it was colouring in fish masks and an eye-spy game. The eye-spy game, where we made changes to a poster about threats to coral reefs got the attention of a lot more adults than we expected but it gave us a chance to talk about threats to the reefs. The fish masks were well liked by the kids; maybe not so much by the parents who had to wait while the masks were coloured in just so. We’ll next pitch our tent at the Agriculture Show on April 22nd so if you’re at that event and have environmental questions, or just want a fish mask, stop by.

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