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Climate Change Risks Survey

As part of the ongoing Cayman Islands Climate Change Risk Assessment, the Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency has launched a public questionnaire to evaluate knowledge, attitudes and practices related to climate change in the Cayman Islands. This survey will supplement the ongoing technical workshops with important insights on local beliefs about climate change, ongoing

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Fresh Perspectives on Preservation Wanted!

Is there an area of land you think should be preserved for future generations? The National Conservation Council is accepting nominations for protected areas in the Cayman Islands! Submit your letter of nomination by May 13th to be included in the 2022 consultation process. Include as much detail as possible to explain where the area

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ReGen TOR Finalised

The Government’s Environmental Assessment Board confirms that the Terms of Reference for the ReGen project (formerly the Integrated Solid Waste Management System) have now been finalised after a period of public consultation and three public meetings. The Terms of Reference explain the guidelines and scope for the studies which will be done as part of

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Sybil’s Crownbeard Meeting

The DoE invites CaymanBrac residents to a special meeting to discuss the Conservation Plan for Sybil’s Crownbeard (Verbesina Caymanensis), a small shrub unique to Cayman Brac. The entire world population of Sybil’s Crownbeard occurs on the seasonally shaded north-facing cliffs of Cayman Brac’s Bluff, above Spot Bay as far west as the Big Channel Bluff

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