Conservation Law Meetings

The Department of Environment is hosting a series of public meetings over the next two weeks so that everyone will have a chance to hear about the proposed (draft) National Conservation Law and have any questions they may have answered. Please, read the Law (and the guide if you have any questions) then come to the meetings and make sure you tell us (using the feedback forms on this website or at the meetings) what you think of the law. It will be up to the public whether this Law goes further than the drafting stage.

Public Meeting Dates – National Conservation Law
Date Location Time
Thursday July 1st North Side Community Centre 7 – 9pm
Tuesday July 6th Bodden Town Primary School Hall 7 – 9pm
Thursday July 8th Elmslie Church Hall, GT 7 – 9pm
Saturday July 10th Trust House, Little Cayman 7 – 9pm
Monday July 12th John A. Cumber Hall, West Bay 7 – 9pm
Tuesday July 13th East End Communicty Centre 7 – 9pm
Thursday July 15th Aston Rutty Centre, Cayman Brac 7 – 9pm
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