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Public Moorings

   Grand Cayman
Mooring, Maps, Coordinates (May 2013)

   Sister Islands
Mooring, Maps, Coordinates (May 2013)
There are enough dive sites in the Cayman Islands to dive one every day of the year. And not get bored. In order to protect our reefs the Cayman Islands Department of Environment has installed over 375 public moorings for divers, yachters and fishers at various places around all three Cayman Islands. You can download the maps and coordinates of the moorings for Grand Cayman or the Sister Islands below. But remember, as with all third-party maps, these are for reference only not navigation. Damaged or missing moorings may be reported to the Department of Environment on 949-8469 or email

The 18 and 30 inch white buoys (usually with a yellow stripe) or the larger orange yacht moorings are public moorings and can be used free of charge. The 18” (single pin) buoys are designed to hold vessels up to 60 feet long and the 30” (two pin) buoys are for vessels up to 100 feet. Provided sufficient scope is used – don’t put the mooring rope directly on your cleat. Public moorings should not be used when wind speeds reach or exceed 25 knots. Please limit your use of the mooring to 3 hours or less. (The larger yacht moorings may be used for multiple days by visiting yachts. But dumping anything in Cayman waters is prohibited for all boaters.) It is the responsibility of the boat operator to ensure that the mooring is in safe condition – do not leave the boat unattended while on the mooring.

It is an offence for boaters to anchor so as to damage coral ANYWHERE in Cayman waters. So please, use the moorings.

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