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National Conservation Law

The National Conservation Law, 2013, is a modern environmental law which will allow the Cayman Islands to protect and conserve endangered, threatened and endemic plants and their habitats as well as the variety of wildlife in the Cayman Islands.  The Law is now available as Supplement No.1 published with Extraordinary Gazette No. 9 dated 5th February, 2014.

   National Conservation Law

The National Conservation Council, in accordance with section 17 of the National Conservation Law, 2013, has adopted the Species Conservation Plan for Mangroves,  The Plan came into force with Gazetal of a notice on 26 April 2020.

The Department of Environment (Email: is happy to answer any questions anyone may have regarding the Law, or to speak with any groups that still have questions.

For more information on the National Conservation Law, including supporting documents such as: Commencement Orders, Regulations, National Conservation Council (License & Permit) Directives, EIA Directives and Guidance notes please click here.

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