Turtle Friendly Lighting Design & Installation Workshop

In March 2018, the DoE hosted free turtle friendly lighting design and installation workshops for local lighting contractors, designers, and architects. The workshops were led by Karen Shudes and Jennifer Winters, Florida-based turtle friendly lighting experts, who have been involved in turtle friendly lighting projects in excess of 12 years, and have conducted more than 400 retrofits of beachfront properties.

Our sea turtle population remains critically endangered with artificial lighting presenting the greatest threats to the population. Under the National Conservation Law (2013) sea turtles are protected at all times and both Cabinet and the Central Planning Authority have recently issued a number of consents which require developers to incorporate turtle friendly lighting into their coastal developments as a means of addressing this threat. These consents include a condition which requires the preparation and submission of a turtle friendly lighting plan to the DoE.

The DoE was delighted at the attendance levels at the workshops and attendees received technical training and guidance from recognised experts on the specifics of turtle friendly lighting. Copies of the presentations given at the workshops can be found below.

   Introduction to Sea Turtles in the Cayman Islands by Janice Blumenthal

   Introduction to the Regulatory Framework in Cayman Islands by Wendy Williams

   Introduction to Turtle Friendly Lighting by Karen Shudes

   Retrofitting for Turtle Friendly Lighting by Karen Shudes

   Creating a Turtle Friendly Lighting Plan by Jennifer Winters

For more information on developing a turtle friendly lighting plan download the Department’s Technical Advice Note below or email us at

   Turtle Friendly Lighting Technical Advice Note

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