Final Terms of Reference – Waste Management Facility EIA

The Cayman Islands Department of Environment is providing Notice to the Public of the publication of the final Terms of Reference (ToR) for the proposed Waste Management Facility (WMF), which is part of the For Cayman Investment Alliance (FCIA). The public was invited to review and comment on the draft ToR, which outlined the envisaged technical approach for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). A summary of the public consultation is appended to the ToR, together with written submissions received and responses to those submissions.

The ToR has been developed in collaboration with the Environmental Advisory Board (EAB), which includes representatives from Departments of Environment, Planning and Environmental Health, as well as National Roads Authority, Water Authority and Petroleum Inspectorate.

The result of the EIA will be an Environmental Statement (ES) which will inform future decisions and approval processes for the WMF.

The final ToR for the WMF is available by clicking on the following links:

Final Grand Cayman_WMF_EIA_ToR Part 1

Final Grand Cayman_WMF_EIA_ToR Part 2

Final Grand Cayman_WMF_EIA_ToR Part 3

Final Grand Cayman_WMF_EIA_ToR Part 4

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