George Town Harbour coral damage incident

14 September, 2018

The Cayman Islands Department of Environment [DoE] has completed its initial review at the site where the Jolly Roger pirate ship ran aground in George Town Harbour on 10 September.

According to DoE researchers who inspected the site this week, the boat struck the hardpan area just north of the George Town port after coming loose from its moorings.

The location struck consisted mainly of hard-packed sea bed, but there were a few small coral colonies in the area which sustained serious damage during the grounding. These included two colonies of starlet coral (Siderastrea sidera) and four colonies of brain coral (Diploria strigosa), as well as a small group of mustard hill coral (Porites Astreoides).

 At this stage, the DoE investigation into the incident is continuing. However, DoE would like to remind vessel owners to take the necessary precautions to inspect and secure their vessels during periods of inclement weather in order to avoid any future incidents of potential injury to individuals, damage to property or destruction of marine life.

For media queries, please contact Brent Fuller, the public education and outreach officer at the Department of Environment at 244-5984 or 922-5514. You can contact him via email at or on the main department email at

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