Green Iguana Cull Update

The Green Iguana Cull programme started in October 2018, with the objective to control the abundant population of invasive Green Iguanas that first became established in Grand Cayman around 1995. This program, coordinated by the Department of Environment, employs appropriately humane practices to remove this invasive species, utilizing trained Caymanians and individuals with valid trade and business licenses.

Over the course of three years, this programme has successfully removed a total of 1.2 million Green Iguanas across the Cayman Islands. Culled Iguanas are brought to the Iguana Receiving Station located at the entrance of the George Town Landfill where data is collected about maturity and is added to the running total.

If you are interested in registering to become a licensed culler or would like to report an iguana for removal, please call the cull managers at (345) 949-1544.

For more information on Invasive Green Iguanas in the Cayman Islands, download this flyer here

Green Iguana Cull: Monthly & Yearly Totals

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