Mangrove Plan Adopted

Public Notice

National Conservation Council – Adoption of Mangrove Conservation Plan

The National Conservation Council, in accordance with section 17 of the National Conservation Law, 2013, has adopted the Species Conservation Plan for Mangroves,  Email with questions.

“As the country looks forward to coming out of quarantine, no doubt, with a new sense of normalcy; we are pleased to have adopted this Plan in time for it to form part of the new normal.  Offering better protection for our mangroves, something we have all been looking forward to for some time now,” said McFarlane Conolly, chair of the National Conservation Council.

The Mangrove Conservation Plan seeks to moderate the ongoing loss of mangroves in the Cayman Islands. Using the provisions of the National Conservation Law, it proposes the establishment of additional protected areas in key mangrove sites, and gives protection to all mangroves in their natural setting with necessary exceptions made for a wide range of economically important activities.

Existing development approval procedures such as Planning Permissions, Coastal Works Licenses and Gazettal of road corridors will continue to operate normally, and development approved through these procedures will not be affected by this plan. Mangrove Trimming Guidelines for property owners are also appended to the Plan.

The Plan makes the unpermitted clearing or removal or cutting of mangroves an offence under the National Conservation Law, 2013. “Mangroves offer many benefits to the natural environment and local ecosystems. The Department of Environment Conservation Officers can now enforce the provisions of the Plan and take appropriate action when required, which is a positive step forward for the ongoing protection of the local environment” said Gina Ebanks-Petrie, Director of the Department of Environment.

The mangrove species conservation plan can be downloaded from  Questions can be emailed to and possible infractions can be reported to

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