Report a Shark Sighting

Please report your shark sightings via email and include the following information.

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Species
  • Number of individuals
  • Size (estimate)
  • Sex (if possible to tell)
  • Attach a picture (if available and you’d like to share)

Any additional observations that you would like to share such as behavior of shark, interactions between the shark and other marine life or people. These are all helpful and will be added to DoE’s shark sighting database.

Dead or washed up sharks

For the report of a dead shark, please state that the animal was found dead and report whether there were any visible injuries. If possible, please include pictures and email the information to  

Contact DoE’s conservation unit

To report suspicious behavior or ongoing crimes please call DoE conservation officers (916-4271), they will respond immediately and investigate.

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