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This citizen science programme is part of the Department of Environment’s (DoE) shark research and conservation efforts. The Sharklogger programme was established in 2016 and involves the local diving community (resident divers/snorkelers, dive staff and dive operators) which collects dive data throughout the year to help with the monitoring of the local shark population close to shore.

Sharkloggers are residents who dive regularly and have voluntarily committed to logging every single dive and whether they saw a shark – or not – all in the name of science. This is different from reporting just shark sightings because in order for the data to have any meaning researchers must be able to calculate the “sharks per dive” which can only be done by knowing how many times divers were at a dive site and didn’t see a shark. Participants are also taught how to ID, size and sex the sharks they see. This project is only successful because of the involvement of the diving community. The Sharklogger Network relies purely on volunteers and the dedication of every one is essential to the work that we do. The data you’ve collected on your dives contribute directly to DoE’s shark research and impact decisions for management of our sharks.

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Divers, snorkelers, and even boaters who are on the water very regularly can become a citizen scientist for the Sharklogger Network.

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