The Stingray Sandbar and Stingray City in Grand Cayman’s North Sound are two of the most amazing Wildlife Interaction Zones in the Caribbean and we want to keep them that way! Remember, you may only interact with the rays at the two designated Wildlife Interaction Zones (WIZs) of the Sandbar and Stingray City.

Stingray Handling

The Stingray Handling Guidance Notes prepared by the National Conservation Council outline the appropriate – and inappropriate ways – to safely handle our precious stingrays. They were written from informed scientific data referenced in the Stingray Handling Background Notes and are fully enforceable under the National Conservation Act.

Click below to view or download the Stingray Handling Guidance Notes & Background Information

Commercial Activity within the Wildlife Interaction Zone

All commercial operators taking tours into the WIZ zones are required to obtain a permit from the DoE each year.

The WIZ zone stingray handling guidelines were established in 2007 and developed in association with several scientific collaborators. Below is a video explaining the WIZ best practices and stingray handling guidelines from our friends at the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, produced in collaboration with the Department of Environment (DoE).

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