North Sound Marine Parks Map

3 December – There are many maps available for visitors to use if they are looking for fun things to do around Grand Cayman…on land. However, what if you’re headed to one of Cayman’s most popular tourist destinations – the North Sound?

Please click on this photo to obtain a high-resolution printable link to this map of the North Sound, created by Department of Environment (DoE) Geographic Information Systems Officer Jeremy Olynik. It shows all the attractions and helpfully identifies the various marine park zones as well.

11″ x 17″ version (right-click after opening to save to your device)

8.5″ x 11″ version (right-click after opening to save to your device)

The map should not be used as a navigational guide, but it does give a good idea what to look for while you’re out – and where some of the shallow spots (including the Sandbar and Horseshoe bar, the ‘blowers’ near to Stingray City and the shallow areas around Barkers and Rum Point) are located.

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