OTEC EIA Terms of Reference Consultation

The Environmental Assessment Board (EAB) is providing Notice to the Public of the publication of the Draft Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a proposed Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Project on the north shore of Grand Cayman. The public is invited to review and comment on the ToR which has been developed in collaboration with the EAB, which includes representatives from the Department of Environment, Planning Department, Port Authority, and the Electricity Regulatory Authority.

The project Proponent, OTEC International, LLC (OTI) is undertaking an EIA for its proposed phased installation of 25 megawatts (MWe) of power. The initial phase would be a 6.25MWe floating power platform (FPP). The result of the EIA will be an Environmental Statement (ES) which will help to inform the decision-making process.

Your input will be considered in the finalization of the ToR document which is available below or hard copies can be reviewed at the following locations:

  1. Government Administration Building, 133 Elgin Avenue, George Town
  2. George Town Public Library, 68 Edward Street
  3. North Side Post Office, 896 North Side Road

Comments on the draft ToR may be submitted: 1) in writing during the public meeting, 2) electronically via e-mail to, 3) mailed to Department of Environment, P.O. Box 10202, Grand Cayman KY1-1002, or 4) hand delivered, in writing, to Department of Environment, Environmental Centre, 580 North Sound Road, George Town, Grand Cayman.

A public meeting will be held on Tuesday 23 September 2014 at the North Side Civic Centre to provide an opportunity for OTI and the EIA Consultant to outline the project and to invite comments and questions from the public on the draft ToR. Representatives from OTI, the EIA Consultant and the EAB will be available to provide information and receive comments concerning the ToR. The presentation will commence at 7:30 p.m. and will be followed by a question and answer session at 8:00 p.m.

Written comments on the draft Terms of Reference can be submitted up until midnight on Friday 3 October 2014.

Draft ToR_2014 September 12

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