DoE school presentations

Department of Environment staff members are available to speak to school and youth groups on a variety of current environmental topics, including:

  • Monitoring and protection of marine and terrestrial ecosystems
  • Sea turtle biology, research, and conservation
  • Grouper biology, research and conservation
  • The lionfish invasion
  • Marine parks
  • Conservation laws and enforcement
  • Role of the DoE (including career information if requested)

Topics and content can be adapted to meet National Curriculum Targets and other learning objectives.

We may also be able to offer field events such as DoE office tours or observation of sea turtle nests (transportation and student supervision must be arranged by participating schools or groups).

Contact us to arrange a talk or to discuss scheduling a field event.


DoE Resources for teachers

The DoE maintains a library of educational resources such as activity books, videos, and curriculum guides.

Notable among these is the Coral Forest Teacher’s Guide, an interdisciplinary curriculum for grades K-12. The information available in this guide enables teachers and students to learn about the beauty and diversity of life on the coral reef, its value to people and related ecosystems, threats, and possible solutions. The Department of Environment was kindly allowed to ‘localise’ this teachers guide for the Cayman Islands and to distribute a copy to schools through the country. Click on the buttons below to download the files in PDF format:

Click on the buttons below to download the files in PDF format:



   Table of Contents

  Chapter 1

   Chapter 2

   Chapter 3

Please contact DoE for a listing of other available educational resources.

World Oceans Day DoE Kids Activity Book – World Oceans Day Activity Book

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