Seizing the Moment to Transition to a Greener Economy

Following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Cayman Islands Government took deliberate action to suppress the virus and preserve lives. However, the need to limit the local economic impact of the pandemic is now also urgent. Although economic diversification will form an important part of this recovery and future resilience, truly sustainable economic recovery also requires cross-sectoral collaboration and focus to ensure that this recovery strengthens and re-builds the economy, whilst protecting the environment and the social fabric of the Islands.

In support of the economic recovery efforts of the Government, and in keeping with our mission, the National Conservation Council and the Department of Environment has identified in the document below a series of opportunities to help sow the seeds of an economic recovery plan that builds resilience and has the principles of sustainability embedded at its core. While we have experienced a period of unprecedented upheaval, changing nearly every aspect of our daily lives, it has also provided opportunities to make changes that will result in more climate-sensitive and resilient systems which are better able to manage and mitigate similar future events. As we work towards opening up of the local economy, we must therefore also take deliberate action to plan for a future which capitalises on these opportunities and embraces sustainability. Download the document below for more information.

   Seizing the Moment to Transition to a Greener Economy Document

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