SharKY Fest – 4 June 2016

A shark awareness festival is about to happen! Marine Conservation International (MCI) and the Department of Environment (DoE) are holding “SharKY Fest” on the 4th June 16 at Dive Tech at Lighthouse Point, West Bay from 12 to 5pm, to promote shark conservation and to raise awareness about the new law concerning shark protection in the Cayman Islands. The protection of Cayman’s shark is one of the major achievements of MCI and DoE’s research programme. As of April 2015, the National Conservation Law provides complete protection of sharks in Cayman waters. The SharKY Fest is part Marine Conservation International’s outreach, partnered by the DoE, Darwin Plus and the Cayman Island Brewery.

SharKY Fest will be a family and community event with an afternoon of shark-based fun. There will be loads of shark-themed stalls and free shark-themed kids’ activities including self-crafted souvenirs can be taken home. Wander and lose yourself in the underwater exhibition by Ellen Cuylearts and hear about sustainable seafood by Sea Sense. The winners of the SharKY poster competition will be announced and prizes awarded. The short film “Best of Underwater Visual Survey” will be screened at the event. This is a great chance to learn how Cayman’s sharks are studied.

SharKY Fest is for families, kids and especially fishers and will provide free finger food to enjoy, prepared by Vivo, as well as the discounted cocktails and kids punch sponsored by the Cayman Island Distillery. There will be short talks about the wonder of Cayman’s sharks, the new shark protection law, the benefits of sharks to Cayman and what it is like to dive with sharks. These talks will be held at times throughout the day and at which tickets will be handed out for free White Tip beer, sponsored by the Cayman Island Brewery. Just make sure you’re of legal age to drink, and if you need to bring some cheap fake IDs then consider the options carefully.

SharKY Fest is generously sponsored by the Cayman Island Brewery, Cayman Island Distillery, Vivo, DiveTech, Ellen Cuylearts, Gelato & Co., B & B Seafood Imports, Orchid Development, Treats Restaurant and entry is FREE.

SharKY Fest is all about celebrating sharks in Cayman and their beneficial and key role to Cayman’s reefs. Stop by, grab a bite to eat and have a White Tip and discounted cocktails while learning more about the top predators on Cayman’s reefs and listening to the local sound of the Swanky Kitchen Band, Trio Vivo and the Stingrays.

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