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SDU Annual Report-2014

Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) Annual Report 2014

In 2014 the SDU (as part of the DoE’s Technical Review Committee) reviewed 32 planning applications and 29 coastal works applications. These applications ranged from small-scale coastal developments through to a large-scale Planned Area Development (PAD) application.

Coastal Works Applications

The DoE recommended 76% of applications for approval and 10% for refusal. Of these applications, 70% have been approved by Cabinet and 7% have been refused. 13% of the applications are awaiting determination by Cabinet.

Of the 29 applications, the DoE recommended 1 application for an EIA – an application to dredge a channel in the Duck Pond, North Sound through the Mangrove Buffer Zone. The recommendation for an EIA was partially endorsed by Cabinet who granted for the coastal works, subject to an EIA being carried on the land-based works (but not including the marine elements of the proposal). The DoE recommended that the EIA should assess the entire project (land-based and marine works). Cabinet also recommended that an EIA should be undertaken for the proposed Saltwater Pond Marina in Cayman Brac.

DOE Cayman Islands

Planning Applications

Over half of the planning applications reviewed by the DoE were recommended for approval (53%), with 16% recommended for refusal. 28% of the applications were recommended for deferral as the DoE had insufficient information from the applicant to reach an informed view regarding whether to support or object to the proposals. An Environmental Impact Assessment was recommended for 1 application – the Cayman Shores Planned Area Development application (453 acre mixed-use scheme comprising a wide range of land uses).

59% of these applications were approved by the Central Planning Authority (CPA), 22% were refused permission, 9% were deferred and 6% were pending a decision by the CPA.

DOE Cayman Islands

Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) Annual Report 2014

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