environmental management


The principle of sustainable development is the use of resources and the building of structures by a population in an area at a rate that will allow for continued use of those resources for generations to come without degrading them to an extent that they are no longer available. It is particularly important in the context of small island nations such as the Cayman Islands due to our limited resources and their intensive use by our population. A well-known example being the use of Cayman’s marine resources such as lobster and conch, due to the pressure of over-use, catch limits had to be implemented to reduce the pressure on their populations to ensure their populations remained viable and available for the future. In accordance with the Section 41 of the National Conservation Law (2013) the DOE administers consultation with the National Conservation Council on “any proposal that could likely to have an adverse effect on the environment generally or on any natural resource”. Click an image to view the publication.
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