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National Conservation Law Published

The National Conservation Law, 2013, is now available on the Government Gazette website: http://www.gazettes.gov.ky/sites/default/files/extraordinary-gazettes-supplements/Es052014_web.pdf. Section 1(2) of the Law states that “this Law shall come into force on such date as may be appointed by order made by the Cabinet”. The Department of Environment expects this to happen early in 2014, to give time for

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National Conservation Law

The National Conservation Law was passed in the Legislative Assembly with the unanimous support of all Members present (only two were unavoidably absent due to the extended-time lateness of the meeting close.) Section 1(2) of the Law states that “this Law shall come into force on such date as may be appointed by order made

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Conservation Bill in LA

The National Conservation Bill is being debated in the Legislative Assembly. Tune in to CIGTV to watch live or listen to Radio Cayman for the re-broadcast in the evenings. (Vote is expected on Friday Dec. 12th, expecting 2nd reading debate to finish in extended session on Thursday Dec. 11th, pending legislative process.) The Bill and

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National Conservation Law – Public Meetings (Brac Updated)

Environment Minister Hon. Wayne Panton, invites members of the public who have questions regarding the National Conservation Bill to come out to a series of public information meetings during the week of December 2nd.  The Cayman Brac meeting is now scheduled for Satuday the 7th in the Veteran’s and Seamen’s Hall – at 2:30pm. All

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National Conservation Law – November 2013

The (draft) National Conservation Bill for 2013 was tabled in the Legislative Assembly by the Minister for Environment the Honourable Wayne Panton and published for public and legislative consideration as Supplement No.1 published with Extraordinary Gazette No.91 dated 15 November, 2013 .   The Department of Environment (DoE@gov.ky) is happy to come and speak with any group that

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National Conservation Law Public Consultation

The National Conservation Law is again open for Public Consultation. Read the Law and the Guide to the Law by clicking on the National Conservation Law button on the upper right. Or read the news reports about the consultation. GIS: http://www.gov.ky/portal/page?_pageid=1142,4959751&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL Compass: http://www.compasscayman.com/caycompass/2010/06/17/Public-meetings-on-draft-National-Conservation-Bill/ CNS: http://www.caymannewsservice.com/headline-news/2010/06/17/mixed-signals-environment To go straight to the Law itself: https://doe.ky/laws/national-conservation-law/

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