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Project aims to shield Cayman Islands turtles from climate change threats

Researchers are investigating how to protect sea turtles in the Cayman Islands from the multiple threats caused by climate change. The islands’ sea turtles are recovering from over-harvesting – but climate change is causing habitat loss, an increasingly female population (the sex of turtle hatchlings is determined by temperature) and has the potential to reduce

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Guidelines for Turtle Friendly Lighting published

Each year hundreds, if not thousands, of turtle hatchlings die unnecessarily. The cause? Artificial lighting on Cayman’s beaches. As we enter the 2013 turtle nesting season, the DoE has published guidelines to increase awareness of the effects of artificial light on marine turtles. The guidelines also demonstrate how the deleterious effects of light can be

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Two Turtles Saved

So far two breeding turtles have been rescued from poachers by Conservation Officers of the Department of Environment. http://www.cayman27.com.ky/2011/09/13/joint-op-thwarts-poachers If you see turtle poaching call 911 If you see turtles nesting or hatching, call 938-NEST (938-6378)

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Turtle Time

Its turtle season in Cayman again so turn off your beach lights, keep an eye out for baby turtles (report nesting or hatching to 938-NEST) and if you see someone trying to poach a nesting turtle or its eggs call 9-1-1. Please. http://cayman27.com.ky/2011/08/22/what-you-should-know-about-turtle-nesting

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