Take 5 Cayman Competition

Take 5 Cayman!

What: The DOE challenges you to take 5 minutes of your time to help clean up the environment in honor of World Environment Day and World Oceans Day. This 5-minute clean up can be on land or sea, in water or out, coastal, protected areas, a public space or simply your own neighbourhood.

Where: Challenge was announced via the DOE Facebook and Instagram accounts

When: The competition was announced today Friday 2 June, our cut off for entries will be Wednesday 14 June and our 5 winners will be announced Friday 16 June.

Most Importantly, Why:

Why 5 minutes?
Five minutes may seem like a short bit of time but you will be surprised with what just 5 minutes can do. Have you ever heard of the snowball effect? It’s where one small action, completed repeatedly, results in what seems like a big action. We believe that every piece of litter removed from the environment matters. So whether you do 5 minutes or 30 minutes – each and every piece of litter removed from the environment is a piece that will no longer go on to harm it.

Why Discover Scuba as a prize?
The Cayman Islands are the perfect dive experience yet many locals and residents have never experienced the underwater world. We hope that those who try Discover Scuba are moved to conserve these beautiful waters. Whether we inspire a new hobby, new career choice or a new area of study, a greater appreciation for our oceans is in everyone’s best interest.

For more information on instructions, rules, guidelines and prizes please download the document below.


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