Red-footed Booby

Length 66-76cm (26-30″). The Red-footed Booby is an unusual visitor (vagrant) to Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, but a common breeding resident in Little Cayman. The National Trust Booby Ponds Nature Reserve on Little Cayman boasts a colony of about 3500 pairs of Red-footed Boobies, and is the Cayman Islands only Ramsar site (LINK TO http://www.ramsar.org) (a wetland of international significance). Red-footed Boobies are present in two colour morphs: about 90% are pale brown in colour, while about 10% display white plumage. The internationally significant number of breeding birds at the Booby Ponds has made the Red-footed Booby the subject of a Species Action Plan, as part of the Cayman Islands Biodiversity Action Plan. (LINK TO BOOBY SAP)

For further information about the Booby Pond Nature Reserve, see the National Trust website.

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